Coronavirus and Impact on Economy

/Coronavirus and Impact on Economy

What Will The World Be Like After Coronavirus?

The absolute sole priority for countries right now is to confront the immediate challenges of the coronavirus pandemic. Ensuring access to healthcare for those who need it most, maintaining the supply chains of essential supplies and managing the economic disaster that risks seeing businesses and individuals devastated through circumstances completely out of their control.  However, if we look back at periods of national crisis, they have often been the building blocks for radical ideas that, once the crisis is over, can

The Coronavirus Impact on Unemployment in the US

The US Unemployment Rate America’s 10-year run of continual employment growth came to an abrupt halt in March as the US unemployment rate rose for the first time since 2010. The Government’s Bureau of Labor Statistics announced that unemployment rose to 4.4% in March, up from a 50-year low of 3.5% in February. Over the measured period, 701,000 jobs were lost in the US.  Of the industries most impacted by the hit, employment in leisure and hospitality fell by 459,000 over the

Coronavirus – Will Life Return to Normal for Small Businesses?

Unprecedented Times and an Unprecedented Response The current environment would have been almost impossible to comprehend just a few months ago. Even coming into February when it felt like the media were overhyping the first few cases of coronavirus in the west, we couldn’t have imagined it would get to this. Let’s just presume you were offered a bet on new year’s eve that by March one quarter of the world population would be on lockdown, the 2020 Olympics would be

Coronavirus Pandemic – The Economic Fallout

Can We Predict The Size Of The US Economic Impact? Global Coronavirus cases are at nearly 1,000,000 (true as of April 2nd, latest stats here). Up from the 200,000 confirmed cases reported on March 18th and 226,978 cases now being confirmed in the US alone. As COVID-19 continues to spread through communities, public health policies have shifted from a stance of ‘containment’ to ‘delaying’ and ‘mitigation.’ All recognised health authorities now understand the virus will spread in society and our

Warning: COVID-19 Financing Scams

The US government has asked business owners to be on particular care from scammers looking to prey on times of uncertainty. If you receive calls, emails, or texts claiming to be from the Treasury Department or Small Business Administration offering COVID-19 related grants in exchange for personal financial information, or an upfront fee then do not respond. These are scams. Ensure that your communication is outbound and as a result from your paycheck protection program application yourself.